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    ElecFlex has an important goal --- working with our customers like a local supplier.  In our viewpoint, local service means FAST DELIVERY, FLEXIBLE SERVICE, EASY ACCESS, AFFORDABLE PRICE. How can we do that?  The answer is --- ElecFlex builds inventory for customers. Details below.

    Most of our customers' inventory strategy is zero-inventory. We are here to help. When we are making orders for our customers, more products than the order quantity will be produced. After fulfilling the order, the balance will be kept in stock at our side.  That means the customer's next order will be delivered very quickly. In this way, our production will be very flexible and has no MOQ limit.  Furthermore, without a doubt, building inventory at our side will financially help our customers. Our goal is, we are as fast as your local supplier , as flexible as your local supplier and as affordable as your local supplier.

    Moreover, ElecFlex's North America office (Montreal, Canada) will enable us to communicate with our global customers in a very efficient way. No suffering from time difference and language any more.  

    Email ElecFlex at sales@elecflex.com and we are here to help.